🙅Business Warfare

💰Brand New Business Warfare OIL Mining Pool

  • The new Business Warfare OIL mining pool produces 150 OIL per second (subject to changes in the future)

  • 80% of it is distributed among all alliances, with each alliance's share based on its computational power ratio, and within each alliance, the distribution is based on the reserves of the oil fields.

  • 20% goes into the Revolution Prize Pool, which accumulates continuously until the trigger of a revolution.

Forming an Alliance:

  • Players with a Tycoon avatar can become leaders and establish alliances, providing initial computational power to the alliance by depositing oil reserves. The reserves submitted are not returned to the leader after the war.

  • The maximum reserves of the alliance are determined by the reserves paid by the leader and the set tax rate set.

  • The combined reserves of the leader’s and members' oil fields must not exceed the alliance's maximum reserves. For example, if the current remaining reserves of the alliance are 200, then the total output of the oil fields that can join the alliance for free cannot exceed 200.

Alliance Computational Power:

  • The computational power of an alliance affects the OIL output

  • The computational power of an alliance is determined jointly by the reserves of the oil fields of the leader and members—the more reserves, the higher the computational power, the faster the output.

Joining an Alliance:

  • Players can choose to stake their oil fields from their wallets into any alliance.

  • Oil fields that are staked for mining must be unstaked before joining an alliance.

  • Oil fields from the same wallet address can only join one alliance, up to 20 Oil fields.

  • Oil fields in an alliance can only leave after the current war ends.

  • Oil fields in an alliance no longer participate in the original mining pool OIL distribution.

  • If joining an alliance causes the alliance's total reserves to exceed the limit, the user must pay a certain fee (OIL) to join, and the spent OIL will be burnt.

Tax Rate:

  • The leader can set a tax rate within a certain range when creating an alliance.

  • Members of the alliance will pay a portion of their computational power to the leader according to the tax rate, allowing the leader to increase their computational power and speed up OIL production.

  • For example, if the tax rate is 10%, and a member contributes an oil field with a reserves of 100 VIM to the alliance, 10 VIM as the computational power will be attributed to the leader, and the member gets 90 VIM of computational power. If a member receives OIL revenue worth 10 VIM, the leader’s computational power decreases by 1 VIM, and the member’s by 9 VIM.

⚛️ Clash of Revolutionaries and Stabilizers

In addition to the competition for OIL rewards between alliances, players will also participate in faction struggles between revolutionaries and stabilizers.

As the core of the alliance, the leader represents the stabilizers, upholding order and stability; while the members represent the revolutionaries, striving for change and progress. Both sides vote for their respective factions, determining the final allocation of rewards.

  • When the vote reaches a critical point, the war will end. The winning side will divide the substantial rewards from the Revolution Prize Pool according to the vote share, which must be claimed manually.

  • Remember: Vote share receives a time bonus, the earlier the same number of votes are cast, the larger the share.

  • Players in the alliance can stake the OIL obtained during the commercial war to vote for free, and it will be fully returned after the war ends (requires active retrieval). Players can also vote by paying. There is a daily limit on paid voting (8% of the daily OIL output of the business warfare prize pool), which resets after 24 hours.

  • Business spies in an alliance can also vote during the war.

🕵️ Innovative and Interesting Business Spy Gameplay

A thrilling new element—Business Spies, a unique type of NFT character—has been introduced in the alliance warfare.

  • Players can mint max 3 business spies NFT.

  • Players can dispatch up to 3 spies to any alliance to quickly capture the OIL output of that alliance. Specifically, 15% of the revenue collected by the alliance leader and members will be distributed to all business spies in the alliance, with each spy's share determined by its OIL reserves (similar to oil field storage capacity).

  • The earlier you dispatch your business spy, the larger the share of the same reserves you get!

Come and mint your business spies, becoming an indispensable force in the game!

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