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If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

By paying a modest start-up fee, players can establish partnerships and visit each other's oil fields, thereby boosting their oil reserves.

An oil field is eligible for up to five visits daily. Each visit has the potential to add a maximum of 3% of the field's unclaimed reserves, with the visitor and the host each earning up to 3% in bonus oil reserves.

The size of these bonus reserves depends on the amount of Oil staked in the veOil pool. The visitor's total bonus is capped at double their staked Oil quantity, while the host's limit is five times their staked amount. For instance, a visitor with 50 VIM worth of staked Oil could receive a maximum of 100 VIM in bonus reserves from their visits while a host with the same amount staked could amass up to 250 VIM in bonus reserves.

Owning and upgrading an Oil Tycoon NFT can significantly raise the limit of bonus reserves. For instance, a Tycoon at Level 1 increases the reserve ceiling by 20%, allowing a visitor to reach a maximum of 120 VIM and a host to achieve up to 300 VIM in bonus reserves. The extent of this increase in reserve limits is dependent on the particular level of the Oil Tycoon NFT.

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