Energy Crisis is a GameFi project built on the Arbitrum where $Oil is the primary token used for transactions, production activities, user incentives, and ecosystem governance. As the primary medium of exchange, $Oil plays a vital role in the functioning of the game.

The total supply of $Oil is capped at 21 billion and it will be distributed between the Basic Mining Pool and the Business Warfare Mining Pool.

  • The initial reward for Basic Mining Pool is 256 $Oil per second, halving every three months until it reaches 1 $Oil per second.

  • The initial reward fo Business Warfare Mining Pool is 150 $Oil per second but subject to adjustment in the future.

95% of $Oil will be distributed to users as game rewards, with only 5% used for team development and initial liquidity.

VIM or ETH paid for oil field NFTs, exploration missions, and other game functions will be used to repurchase $Oil. Of this:

  • 90% will be burned

  • 5% will be used for OpecDao

  • 3% will be used for marketing, technical development, and project operations

  • 2% as team rewards

For the health of the ecosystem, we impose a 10% selling tax for the $Oil token, which 90% will be burnt and 10% will go to OpecDao, marketing/operation and the team.

Energy Crisis Ecosystem

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