Arbitrum Launching Details

G0 Oil Fields minting will commence from December 28th at 09:00 UTC to January 2nd at 09:00 UTC, with a cap set at 3000 units.

Exclusive benefits for G0 Oil Fields include:

  • The highest Return on Investment (ROI) for all Oil Fields in Europe, America, and the Middle East is 400%.

  • Special discounts for G0 mining: 20% off when using VIM and OIL to mint. 10% off for using USDT to mint.

  • Complimentary Drilling Rig.


Oil Field pricing is determined as follows:

  • Europe Oil Field: 1 VIM

  • North America Oil Field: 2 VIM

  • The Middle East Oil Field: 5 VIM

(The price in USDT will be adjusted daily based on the price of VIM).

Additional details:

  • A liquidity pool consisting of the VIM and OIL pair will be established, initially comprising 8000 VIM and 1,250,000,000 OIL. This pool is scheduled to be added on December 28th at 08:00 UTC.

  • Starting January 2nd at 09:00 UTC, functionalities such as Oil Field mining, upgrades, Tycoon upgrades, and OPEC voting to determine various Oil Field oil outputs will be enabled.

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